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V60 titanium dioxide pearl dripper

Cone design, does not affect the expansion of coffee powder
Large diameter round holes that change the taste of the coffee with the speed of the hot water poured
The coffee tastes light when poured into boiling water quickly, and has a strong taste when poured slowly
The conical structure that can stack the coffee powder high, so that the aroma of the coffee can be fully released
Far infrared titanium plating
SGS inspection complies with food safety regulations

Brand: HARIO
Product name: V60 titanium dioxide pearl dripper
Product number: VDC-01-WO-TW
Capacity: 1-2 cups
Material: Body: Magnet Measuring Spoon: PP
Dimensions: length 119 × width 100 × height 82 diameter 95 mm
Origin: Japan
Weight: 300g