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AKIRAKOKI 正晃行-始終相信"外型可以模仿、質量無法複製",敬請大家認明,唯有正晃行出品的系列產品,才有好品質。
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正晃行成立於1977年,專業製造、銷售咖啡爐、手搖 / 電動及其他磨豆機咖啡器具等,經過數十年的精心研發及改進,才有今天的最佳品質,是各大咖啡通路指定選用的產品。


我們始終相信 "外型可以模仿、質量無法複製",敬請大家認明,唯有正晃行出品的系列產品,才有好品質。正晃行本著誠信、良知,秉持只做最好的態度,於業界已逾四十年始終如一,深獲各界好評及愛護,今後將更致力於研發更新、更好的產品。

經營項目:咖啡相關所有器具與配件,包含-咖啡爐具、光波爐電動磨豆機、手搖磨豆機、 杯測匙 / 碗虹吸壺、手沖壺、掛耳壺、咖啡儲豆筒、其它相關咖啡配件。






Akira International Co., Ltd. was established in 1977 as a professional manufacturer for making coffee related equipment. 

After several years of development and improvement, we have achieved the highest quality and are designated products to many well-known cafes.

To make a good cup of coffee, the most important things are temperature control and thickness of coffee grounds.The stability of these two factors determine the coffee. Akira has been following this procedure for many years and always choose high quality components which are strong and durable, one that can never be replaced.

"Even though the appearance can be imitated, the quality can never be replicated." Akira is credible and considerate to your needs. We never consider poor quality products. For over 40 years, we have strongly held our place in the market to achieve good evaluation. Our goal for the future is to commit to being the best.

Akira is a Taiwan-branded company who engages in the business of: coffee-related equipment including beam heater coffee stove, cupping spoon and bowl coffee grinder, hand mill, syphone for coffee, coffee pot, dripper server, coffee storage bin, etc.

Akira is a top brand company in Taiwan, well known for its high quality and precise manufacturing techniques.
Distributor--- HARIO

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