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A-20 Portable Electric Grinder3
AKIRAKOKI 正晃行-始終相信"外型可以模仿、質量無法複製",敬請大家認明,唯有正晃行出品的系列產品,才有好品質。AKIRAKOKI always believes that "the appearance can be imitated, but the quality cannot be copied", please understand that only the series of products produced by AKIRAKOKI can have good quality。
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A-20 Portable Electric Grinder

USB Stainless Steel Cone Burrs Electric Grinder

*** WARNING!!! NO WASH ***
Please read the user manual carefully before use

AKIRAKOKI USB Stainless Steel Cone Burrs Electric Grinder A-20

*** A full charge can grind about 20-25 times ***
*** Use Type-C plug for easy charging ***

Weight : 450g
Specification:7.4V, 800mAh, 60rpm
Color: Gun Blue, Black, Rose Gold